Canada Caregiver Pilot Program – Best pathway to Canada

Canada Caregiver Pilot Program

What is Caregiver Pilot Program and Why is it the Best pathway to Canada

Caregiver Pilot Program is a program that employers hire caregivers to come work in Canada, in reward the Government gives the employee permanent residence. You can apply for this program in Canada or in any other country in the world. It is the best pathway to Canada because you will not need experience or proof of funds, making the process easy and cheap.

This Caregiver Pilot Program is also great because there is a lot of demand in Canada for caregivers. In this article, we will be covering the eligibility of applying for the Caregiver Pilot Program, the application process, the cost of this process, how to find a caregiver employer willing to sponsor you and give you some caregiver jobs available you can apply for and finally some tips that will increase your chances of getting employed and sponsored.

Before we continue, let’s talk about the Caregiver Pilot Program a little more. There are 2 streams for this Caregiver Pilot Program namely:
1. Child Pilot Program for people coming to Canada to care for children. Children under the age of 18.
2. Home Support Pilot Program for people coming to Canada to care for seniors, people with disability, etc. This provides workers with the opportunity to become permanent residents after having 2 years of work experience in Canada.

Who can employ you as a caregiver?

The employer you have to find must not be a company. it can be an individual, your relative, someone from your village already in Canada that needs someone to help them take care of their kids.

True life story:  There is a Nigerian Lady living in Canada that is put to bed and she invited her younger sister to come over as a caregiver and take care of her baby.
When you find an employer, the employer has to give you a job offer. The employer has to fill out the official Canada job offer form and give you a job offer.

The do thing about this program is that it does not require LMIA. Before the employer gives you the job, you guys have to draw up a plan that may include, how many hours will you be working per week, are going to live in or outside the employer’s home, Your vacation hours, your salary, your other benefits, etc. The employer must pay you the minimum wage for the province.

What makes you qualified/eligible for this Caregiver Pilot Program

1. You must have a caregiver job offer. It must be a genuine job offer because the government has a way to find out fake job offers.

2. You must have CLB 5. Listening minimum of 5, Reading as 4, writing and speaking as 5. and ILTS general training.

3. You must have 1-year post-secondary school experience. Either a diploma or a degree is fine.

4. You don’t need work experience as a caregiver. That wants the official Canadian website says, but in reality, caregiver training and work experience will certainly give you a higher chance. Courses like nursing and education can be very helpful. But if you don’t have this, don’t worry because we will tell you a way around this later in the article. Experience in housekeeping doesn’t count when applying for the caregiver program.

5. There is no age restriction.

6. Another good part is that there is no proof of funds required.

The process of applying for the caregiver program.

1. Find an employer.

2. Get an employment offer.

3. Submit permanent residence and work permit applications together. The work permit is for 36 months which is for 3 years. The work permit is occupation restricted. This means you will only get a job as a caregiver if your work permit was granted for a caregiving job. After working for 2 years, you can apply for permanent residence.

Cost of moving to Canada as a Caregiver

  •  Application fee.
  • Right of permanent residence fee.
  • Work permit fee.
  • Biometrics fee.
  • Medicals and police certificate fee.

How to find a caregiver job offer.

There are lots of online websites like you can find caregiver jobs, however, I will show you how to find a job that can sponsor your Visa. To find these jobs we will visit Go to the menu and click on “Get a Nanny Job“.
Go to filter, scroll down, and under “work Eligibility” check “Willing to Sponsor” and check “Full time“. Here is a link where the required filters have been applied.,sponsorship-required

You can also find Caregiver and nanny jobs at the official Canadian job bank I have also added the required filters to help you find employers looking to hire and sponsor foreigners.

Tips that will increase your chances of getting employed and sponsored.

1. Do short health certificate courses online. The course might just be a 1-hour course. with questions after the course. Make sure the certificate you will receive is certified.

2. Do voluntary work in a hospital, clinic, or Orphanage.

3. Have a good CV and Cover Letter.

4. Apply to many companies.

Tips for writing your CV

1. Limit your CV to 2 pages only. The person screening your CV may have many other CVs and may not have all the time to go through your long CV.
2. Make sure all the impressive things about your CV is on the first page.
3. Use a simple font style like Arial. Don’t use any fancy font.
4. Use a font size of 12 or 14.
5. Check your grammar and your spelling. You can use some online tools like Grammarly to do so.
6. Use a professional email. An email with your real name, while applying.
7. Outline your points using bullet points. It will make reading your CV easier.
8. Tailor your CV to meet the requirements of each job you are applying for.