Google Jobs in Canada-Easy Way to Get Free Canadian Visa

Are you 18 and above? Do you speak English? Do you dream of living and working in Canada but don’t have money or know how to go about it? I have some good news for you. It will interest you to know that Google hires and sponsors people from Canada from all over the world. If you are looking for an unskilled job in Canada check out Factory Jobs in Canada for Foreigners in May 2022  or Jobs In Canada For African Immigrants

The best part is that Google doesn’t congregate in their employment. They hire people with or without certificates, they don’t also care about your country of origin or your gender.

I know you will be asking me now, what job can I possibly do for Google? How do I apply? How to pass the interview?. I got you because I will expose everything you need to know in this post, some of the real-life experiences, and detailed research. Enough of the talk, let’s get started.

Easy Google Jobs In Canada

Below are some of the Google employment opportunities that are available for those willing to work in Canada:

Compared to the numerous and complicated job openings Google has, working as a technical writer is one of the easiest yet most important employment opportunities in the organization. You must be able to understand source codes that are written in programming languages like python or javascript. The role of a technical writer is to update the help center queries, define the products that are offered by Google, and write conceptual overviews.

If you know how to create a selling strategy and have the qualifications, you can as well apply for a job at Google. A sales specialist in Google is required to maintain and expand the growth of customers that make use of Google.

The job of a policy communication manager is quite simple as it sounds and it involves communicating with journalists and the entire public on campaigns related to Google. They also write video scripts, blog posts, and FAQS on complex issues for Google.

This is one of the employment opportunities in Google that require less experience and it requires just 3 years, compared to the 8 to 15 years that is commonly seen in the organization.

A UX designer in Google imagines how the experience of people will be when they are making use of a particular product in Google. The qualifications to get this job are rather low in number compared to others, and all you need is to be someone who crafts industry-leading user experiences.

Simple Google Trainings And Certifications Needed For Google Jobs

There are simple trainings and certifications, some of them coming with financial aid to help those who can’t afford it, that helps anyone looking for a job at Google to stand out from the rest and this includes:

This is for people that are looking to be employed where they will plan, organize, and run projects assigned to them. This training helps you to be trained on how to manage stakeholders, time, and budgets, and identify any risk. You can get this training and certificate from Coursera at $39 per month or apply for financial aid.

This certificate is free and the only time you need to pay is when you want to write their exams at a one-time payment of $149. It covers everything from the essentials of development to debugging android apps in the Kotlin programming language.

This certificate helps UX designers and aspiring UX designers to get the skills required such as creating prototypes, developing personas, and testing designs. You can apply for financial aid to get this skill on Coursera or pay about & 39 per month.

This training and the certificate that comes after help IT support to gain necessary skills such as system administration, security, and troubleshooting.

Skills like how to use data to solve problems and how to use visualization on data storytelling can be obtained from this training/certification.

Available Google Jobs In Canada And How To Apply

Below are some of the available Google jobs in Canada, the requirements, and how you can apply for them:

The minimum qualification needed to have is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any related field, and experience in analytic warehouse solutions, cloud computing, and virtualization. To apply:

  1. Click on the apply button and you will be redirected to another site
  2. Upload your resume
  3. Input all your personal details such as name and country.
  4. Input your work experience
  5. Write a decisive cover letter
  6. Click on Next
  7. Choose your gender and then click on submit an application

The minimum qualification needed for a cloud customer experience lead in Google includes 15 years of experience, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and experience in managing organization structures and driving digital development using cloud-based solutions. Below are steps to take when applying:

  1. Click on the apply button and you will be redirected to another site
  2. Upload your resume (it should be within 2 MB)
  3. Input all your personal details such as name and country.
  4. Input your work experience if you have held a position before.
  5. Write a decisive cover letter
  6. Click on Next
  7. Choose your gender and then click on submit an application

You can choose to work from any of these locations in Canada (Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, Calgary, and BC). The minimum requirement is to have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, have 8 years of experience in SaaS, and manage enterprise accounts. To apply for this job, kindly follow the steps that were shown in the former job opportunities as Google has the same method of job application no matter the title.

The minimum qualifications that someone looking to apply for a customer solution developer job at Google must-have is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or its equivalent, experience working with Web technologies, and coding with programming language.

  • Other job options available include video management leads, account executives, news lab leads, account executives, and many more. Click to find more Google jobs in Canada.

Easy Skills To Acquire To Qualify For Google Jobs

To be able to work for a big organization like Google, there are some skills apart from your work experience and certificates that you need to have, and these include:

  • Ability to deal with ambiguity

Past Google employees speaking about their time at the organization talked about how they needed to provide solutions immediately in ambiguous situations. So having this skill and the ability to demonstrate will be key to your qualifying for a Google job.

  • Leadership

You need to be able to influence and inspire other people to follow your part to be omg those to be considered for a Google job. You don’t only need to say this, you need verifiable evidence of how you have led people in the past.

  • Problem-solving skills

When you work for Google, you are basically there to solve problems and when you are not someone that thinks this way, then you have a lot of work to do. Whichever role you will take, you will have to be able to think up solutions that will solve problems.

  • Persistence

The reason why Google doesn’t only employ people with shiny certificates is that they also look for those with persistence. Persistence should exude from you to qualify for a Google employment opportunity.

  • Passion

What Is the need of employing someone that will not put his or her mind to what she is doing? There is a way that Google tries to find out what your passions are and relate them to the job they are offering you. They simply ask you about your hobbies and what you prefer to do outside the office if you prefer to be with a team or be alone.

  • Smart creatives

Having 1st classes in all your school certificates doesn’t guarantee you a job so long as Google is concerned. You need to be smart and creative and create solutions from raw data and this is exactly what Google wants.

Tips To Write a Good Resume For Google Jobs

To get a job from Google, everything needs to stand out including your resume and these are tips on how you can write yours:

  • Include only essential information

The fact that Google needs people to stand out doesn’t mean you should provide information you weren’t asked for. Information on your sexual orientation, gender transmission, love life, and residential address should be avoided.

  • Be Simple yet Powerful

Make Use of simple yet powerful words that will show an HR manager that you are really capable of handling the job position.

  • Show off your skills but not too much

In the bid of showing off your skin, don’t go over the edge of lying about what you can’t do for the organization. Highlight the important skills that are related and needed for the job position and leave out others that are not required.

  • Speak their language

In other words, try as much as possible to personalize your resume using the terms and vocabulary that are used in the particular field. Don’t speak the language of a programmer when you are applying for a sales representative.

  • Be honest

Whatever thing you do when applying for an employment opportunity at Google, don’t lie about any information that is provided.

  • Read and allow trusted people to scrutinize your resume. Here is a sample of what your resume should look like.

Tips To Write a Good Cover Letter For Google Jobs

When it gets to the part where you need to write a cover in your application form, the following tips will help:

  • Don’t copy and paste

You should know better than copying other cover letters you have written in the past and paste them when you are applying for a Google job position.

  • Use a clean format

Don’t make use of a complicated and hard-to-read format, it comes off as a turn-off for HR managers.

  • Relevant words

You have a limited number of words to use to describe yourself and the position you’re applying for. Do that using only relevant words.

  • Make Use of the language that is related to the position.

If possible, allow a friend that is an HR manager to proofread your cover letter for you. Here is a sample of what your Google job application cover letter should look like.

Tips For Passing Google Job Interview

When it is finally time to be interviewed by Google, the following tips will help you out:

  • Plan

When you are being interviewed at Google, a lot comes with it. You will be scrutinized in every possible way and your ability to plan ahead will save your day. Practice the questions that are related to the job and also have examples in mind to describe specific questions.

  • A backup plan

It is recommended that you should have at least three possible answers to each question that is thrown at you.

  • Explain

Yes, you need to explain a lot during the interview, you don’t need to just state a fact and leave it at that.

  • Verifiable data

Google likes employees that are data-driven and can be able to provide verifiable data when explaining a point.

  • Make sure you have clarity when you are answering a question.
  • When answering a question, start with a brute answer before working your way through how what you answered can be achieved.


Are you among those that have been looking for an employment opportunity at Google? If yes, finding the right information on how everything is done is key to whether you will be considered for a job or not. When you are taken for any of these job opportunities in Canada, it gives you a visa and the opportunity to live and work in Canada.