Moving Abroad Made Easy – Get Jobs In Non-profit Organizations

People sometimes underestimate how Non-profit Organizations can be of help both in their goals and career. Through working for Non-profit organizations, a lot of people have gotten the opportunity of working and living abroad. Just as the name suggests, a non-profit organization does not run for the purpose of making a profit, rather, it tries to serve society through its goals and missions.

In this post, we will be uncovering how to get work in Non-profit Organizations in your country and how it can aid you to travel to many countries in the world.  You will also discover a list of organizations in Africa that sponsor citizens to travel abroad.

Types Of Work One Can Get Easily In Non-profit Organizations

Below are some of the best career options that an individual can pursue in a non-profit organization

  • Director of philanthropy:

The director of philanthropy works as the voice of the organization that helps to pass the message of the cause of the nonprofit organization. He is responsible for developing outreach strategies, cultivating donors, and budgeting for the organization.

  • Advocacy Director:

The advocacy director’s job is to pitch the idea of the NPO to different governmental organizations that will be willing to help their cause.

  • Development Director:

The development director helps in special events for donors, running events that will help the organization in its yearly goals, securing financial support, and developing fundraising plans.

  • Nonprofit Project Coordinator:

A Nonprofit Project Coordinator helps to set budgets and supervise budgets and as well participates in the project outreach of the organization.

  • Nonprofit Aides Supervisor:

This job title helps the Assistant Director and/or Program Director in keeping an eye on the operations of the facility, facilitating team meetings, and working as a connection between different departments in the organization.

  • Director/Vice President of Communications:

The role of this job title in a non-profit organization is to create strategies on how to communicate effectively and efficiently to their potential sponsors and audience, both offline and online. They are involved in the branding and public relations of the organization, as well as organizing their yearly conferences.

  • Community Outreach Coordinator:

The role of a Community Outreach Coordinator in a nonprofit organization is to organize events, bring upcoming events and projects to the public, and recruit volunteers.

  • Grant writers:

Grant writers play a very important role in nonprofit organizations because they are the ones that are vested with the duty of influencing the amount of money collected from donors and sponsors. Their duty in the organization is to write application letters to foundations, trusts, or governments to help fund the non-profit organization.

  • Others include pastors, team leaders, and non-profit recruiters.

List of Organizations in Africa that Sponsor Citizens to Travel Abroad

Below is a list of some of the organizations in Africa that sponsor citizens to travel abroad either through education or work:

Is a non-profit organization whose major interest is to support mobility within the African continent and also in some European countries. They can only pay for the travel costs, but they don’t pay for the accommodation and living expenses.

  • YALI RLC West Africa Emerging Leaders Program:

YALI RLC West Africa Emerging Leaders Program helps individuals and even other nonprofit organizations to build up an entrepreneur empire. In the course of allocating grants, they also train youths that are sent to learn and work abroad as part of entrepreneur training.

  • French-African Foundation :

French-African Foundation is a non-profit organization that is interested in identifying, assembling, and nurturing the talents that are seen in the streets of Africa. In the course of training these youths, they also facilitate visas abroad for further training and studies.

This non-profit organization only allows African minds to travel abroad to carry out their studies. They offer fully-funded scholarships to study at the London School of Hygiene and other Higher institutions.

  • Others include ACCESS Kenya, The Beit Trust Scholarships, Rotary Peace Fellowships, and Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Program.

High-In Demand Skill To Work In Non-profit Organizations

Apart from the types of work that can easily be gotten in a non-profit organization, there are other skills that if you don’t have you may not be accepted to work in a non-profit organization and these include:

  • Networker:

Networking is one of the skills that a person seeking to work in a non-profit organization must possess because you will need to talk with people, share the organization’s ideas, and try to secure funding from governments and trusts.

  • Volunteer:

What is a non-profit organization without volunteers? To be able to work in these organizations, you need to have volunteering skills and how to organize your fellow volunteers to be considered for a job position.

  • Attending conferences:

To be able to work in a non-profit organization, you need to have in mind you will be attending one conference or the other every now and then. Most non-profit organization workers are always traveling and attending conferences from time to time.

  • Fellowships:

Workers within a non-profit organization are always trained from time to time and this is followed by a short work opportunity that is designed to develop participants’ skills within the organization.

  • Other skills include team organization, communication skills, and presentation skills.

Non-profit Organizations Online Jobs

Below are some of the nonprofit organizations that you can check out for their job openings online:

  • International Rescue Committee (IRC):

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) fights for human rights issues and offers a lot of entry jobs for those that want to work in a non-profit organization.

  • Idealist

Idealist is an online website that offers those who are looking to be employed in the nonprofit sector job openings and there are over 13 000 job listings on the site.

  • DevNet Jobs:

DevNet Jobs is another site that performs similar jobs as Idealist, they help those looking to work in the non-profit sector to have access to more than 15,000 job listings.

  • Front Line Defenders:

Front Line Defenders is a non-profit organization that is always advocating for human rights and they are actively recruiting volunteers and grant writers.

  • Others include Human Rights Watch, Save the Children, Freedom House, and Oxfam.


For those who are informed, a non-profit organization is one of the ways of moving and traveling abroad easily. Most of the time, getting a job in a non-profit organization is pretty easy and requires you to have organization, teamwork, and networking skills. There are many positions one can work within a non-profit organization and including a grant writer, volunteer manager, team manager, and other job opportunities.