Scholarship at University of Alberta Canada – How to Apply Today

Don McColl Graduate Scholarship at University of Alberta Canada – Step-by-Step Details on how to Apply

Canada is one of the countries that have been seeing an increasing number of people coming for educational purposes. Also, there are a good number of scholarships both for undergraduates and postgraduate students. To get any of those scholarships in Canada, you need to be familiar with their requirements, and procedures to apply. We will be disclosing everything details to help you apply for this Scholarship. 

We will also be sharing important information on how to apply for a Canadian study visa towards the end of this article.

Closing date: Applicants can apply anytime

Student type: Domestic and International students are eligible for this scholarship program.

Level of study: All levels of study

Study area: Any

Scholarship value: $3,750


  • Open to Canadian citizens.
  • Open to permanent residents.
  • Open to foreign nationals holding Canadian study permits. (Check out how to apply for Canadian Study Visa/permit towards the end of this article)
  • Open to applicants in course-based study programs.
  • Open to applicants in thesis-based study programs.
  • Open to applicants in doctoral programs.
  • Open to applicants in masters programs.
  • Superior Academic Achievement.
  • Fine Arts or Rehabilitation Medicine.
  • Awarded on the basis of superior academic achievement.
  • In even-numbered years the scholarship will be awarded for the study of Fine Arts and in odd-numbered years, the scholarship will be awarded for the study of Rehabilitation Medicine.
  • In the event that suitable nominees cannot be found in the specified area, the scholarship may be awarded in the other area.

How to apply:  Students should contact their department for details on their application process. Nominations are submitted to FGSR by the Department (or Faculty) and will be part of a competitive adjudication. The Graduate Scholarship Committee makes the final decision.

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How To Apply for Canadian Study Visa

You need a Canadian study visa before you can talk of applying or getting accepted for any scholarship in the country.


  • A letter of acceptance from a designated institution
  • Must be vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of financial support
  • Quebec acceptance certificate
  • A letter of explanation

How To Apply

  • Get all the required documents ready.
  • Go to their website
  • Select if you are applying from or outside Canada.
  • You would need a scanner or camera
  • Fill the forms
  • Pay the necessary fees
  • Also, pay the third-party fees. Create an online account
  • Submit your application.
  • Wait for your application to be processed and approved by the necessary authorities.

Canada Airport Question Tips

These are likely questions the immigration office at Canada airport will ask you before allowing you into Canada. I will also tell you how you will respond.
Who are you and who are you coming to visit?
What is your purpose in Canada? Make sure the purpose you give the office match the purpose your visa was approved upon.
When are you planning to leave Canada? Show a return ticket that proves when you are planning to return to your country.