Uncovered Secrets Of Getting a Canadian Sponsorship Visa

Top Secrets Of Getting a Canadian Sponsorship Visa

Living and working in Canada is a dream for many people, but this dream is always cut short because of the difficulty and cost of getting a Canadian Visa either for work or study. If you are such a person, I have good news for you, after reading this article you will not only uncover the easy and cheap process of getting a Canadian Visa, you will also uncover some Canadian companies willing to Sponsor the visa for you.  When you know the concept behind this way of getting a visa and the process that follows it, you will be able to go through the process seamlessly without any glitches. Here you will be given a detailed explanation of the Canadian Sponsorship Visa and things you should know which will help you to get this visa faster.

What Is a Canadian Sponsorship Visa?

A Canadian Sponsorship Visa is a type of visa whereby an entity or an individual will sponsor and take care of your stay in Canada. The part which the sponsor has to play is that they are the ones to submit a petition to the government asking them for you (the person that is being sponsored) to be allowed entry into the country.

How To Get a Sponsorship Visa

The first step to getting a sponsorship visa to Canada is knowing the different ways one can get sponsored. Sponsorship Visa is not limited to your spouse or your parents, it can be extended to grandparents, children, and a company that resides in Canada.

1. Sponsorship Through Relations:

One of the things that people don’t know is that one doesn’t necessarily have to be your blood relation before they will be able to sponsor you to Canada. A nephew, an aunt, a distant cousin, can be able to sponsor you given they pass through the requirements. These are some of the secrets that when applied can help you get a sponsorship visa into Canada faster:

Your Sponsor Must Be At least 18 Years Old:
This is the minimum age that one has to be before they are eligible to sponsor you to Canada, and they must have attained the height of permanent residence in Canada.

Both You And Your Sponsor Should Read The Instruction Guide:
Many people overlook this part thinking that it is not that important but that is not true. Without reading the instruction guide, you are more liable to make mistakes and this inky decreases your chance of getting your application approved by the IRRC.

Involve a Legal Advisor When Applying For a Sponsorship visa:
This is a simple thing that sometimes makes a lot of people lose their chances of getting a Canadian visa through Sponsorship. Legal personnel will convey to you all the required documents and forms that you will need to fill out during the application process. They also help you to avoid making any mistakes or mixing up the required documents. Here are some of the documents that your sponsor needs to fill out:

  • A. Application to Sponsor
  • B. Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking
  • C. Sponsorship Evaluation
  • D. Relationship Questionnaire
  • E. Financial Evaluation

You who is getting sponsored to Canada will fill and sign the following forms:

  1. A. Application to Sponsor
  2. B. Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking
  3. C. Sponsorship Evaluation
  4. D. Generic Application Form
  5. E. Family Information Form
  6. F. Sponsorship Evaluation
  7. G. Relationship Questionnaire

When both of you are done filling and signing the document, before you submit it to the website, make sure that your legal advisor goes through it.

Be Honest About Your Information:
Single dishonesty about the information you filled in your application can lead to it being rejected and can even lead to a future travel ban to Canada. So make sure your education, criminal record, medical history, marital status, age, and other information about you are correct.

Get Your Application Fee Ready Before Applying:
You should know the number of fees that are required of you and your age bracket, both on the sponsor’s side and your side. For Adults, the application fee is $1050, while for kids, they are to pay $150.

2. Sponsorship Through Company/Job:

It is not only your spouse, child, or parents that can help to get sponsored to Canada, even companies in Canada that are looking for workers can help you get a sponsorship visa to Canada. But you still have to note that your chances of getting a sponsorship visa to Canada through a company are slim, so you have to apply everything possible to make it a reality.

Where Can You Find a Company Sponsorship Visa To Canada

There are some unusual places where one can find this type of sponsorship visa and this includes:
The truth is that not many people know about LinkedIn and its potential and even those who have come across it don’t know the goldmine that it is. You can make use of LinkedIn to find companies that will be willing to sponsor you to Canada because of the talent that you can offer them.

Canadian Job Listing Websites:
You can also find this opportunity at the different job listing websites. These are some of the things that not many people know about. Here are some websites that you can check out for this:

List Of Companies That Are Offering Sponsorship Visa

We saved the best wine to be severed last. Here are some of the  secret companies that offer sponsorship visas to Canada faster:

P&H Farming

P&H Farming is an agribusiness that is owned by a Canadian family that offers many services such as flour milling, grain merchandising, crop input, and other services. They sponsor talents who can contribute to their company and you can access their website or contact them by their email.

Steps to  apply for a job sponsorship at P&H Farming

A. Go to their website, click on the career button that is seen on the site.
B. When the page opens up, click on the find out about us button and allow the page to
C. When it opens you will see a lot of open positions in the company.
D. Find the one you are qualified for and reach out to them on the provided phone or email.
E. When your application has been processed, together with others, they will reach out to you whether your application was approved or not.

PWC Canada

This is a company that offers industry-focused services to its private and public clients. They bring in staff from all over the globe who they think are qualified to work in their company. You can reach them by going to their website directly pwc.com.

Steps to  apply for a job sponsorship at  PWC

A. Go to the official website of PWC Canada and click on careers.
B. You will be provided with two options, and they include the PwC experienced career
roles and PwC student and campus roles.
C. Choose the one that best suits your qualifications and experience and apply.
D. Fill in the form and provide the documents required for the job application.
E. The response is not premeditated and you should wait for a couple of months to know if they accepted your application or not.

Enbridge Inc

This is mainly for those who have expert knowledge that is related to the energy sector as this company is a pipeline company that distributes gas all over Canada with over 12,000 workforces. To begin with your recruitment, you can visit their site or email them directly.

Steps to  apply for a job sponsorship at  Enbridge Inc

A. Go to their homepage on their website.
B. Click on careers at Enbridge and wait for it to open.
C. Go through the jobs that are vacant and check if you’re qualified for them.
D. If you’re qualified, upload your resume and fill out the form that will be presented to you.
E. The processing time for this job sponsorship is not specified and you are expected to wait up to 12 months to know if your application was approved or not.

 Other companies include Agri-Fresh, Mobsquad, Scotiabank, etc.

Reasons Why Your Canadian Sponsorship Visa Application May Be Rejected

Here are some reasons why your Canadian Sponsorship Visa may be rejected and tricks to help you bypass it.

  • Medical reasons such as illness, virus, pandemic, etc
  • Dishonestly in your documents such as age, marital status, education, etc
  •  Security reasons such as past police and criminal records
  • One major thing that leads to Visa rejection is finance: Not having a good explanation for the money in your account. Sending a huge sum of money to your account a month before the Visa interview is a red flag. Instead, keep the account active by depositing and withdrawing cash six months before the interview.
  • You need to explain clearly the reason for your visa and that you will leave after the expiration of your Visa. Tips: Tell the interviewer how working in Canada means so much to you because of the experience of meeting new people and learning about new cultures. You can say you will like to use the money you earn from working in Canada to help grow your local cleaning business.
  • Add your return flight ticket to convince the officer you will leave when your visa expires.
    Show that you have something you Nigeria that will make you come back. Like business, lands, mother, family. Talk about how you will not like to stay away from your mom for so long.
  • Fraudulent documents can make them deny and even blacklist you.
  • Your police report can make them deny you a visa if the police report is not clean.

Canada Airport Question

  • These are likely questions the immigration office at Canada airport will ask you before allowing you into Canada. I will also tell you how you will respond.
  • Who are you and who are you coming to visit?
  • What is your purpose in Canada? Make sure the purpose you give the office match the purpose your visa was approved upon.
  • When are you planning to leave Canada? Show a return ticket that proves when you are planning to return to your country.